Join us on the water!

We’re always looking for passionate volunteers. Here’s some information to consider before volunteering with us in our 2019 season! 

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June & July Lake Information

Days: Mondays & Thursdays (Tuesdays & Fridays are tentative make up days for rain)

Time: Kids are on the lake from 11am-5pm

Location: 7 Points Recreation Area, J. Percy Priest Reservoir

We prefer to have volunteers for the entire duration of each day so we don’t need to stop activities to shuttle people to the dock during the day. If we are low on volunteers for a day, we will certainly accept any window of time available.

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August & Sept. Lake Information

Days: When school begins, Saturday or Sunday will be utilized depending on weather

Time: Kids are on the lake from 11am-5pm

Location: 7 Points Recreation Area, J. Percy Priest Reservoir

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Daily Lake Program Itinerary

11 am: Kids arrive at 7 Points Recreation Area boat launch

11 am-12pm: Free time on the pontoon and lily pads. Optional meal time for the group that would eat last.

12 pm-4 pm: Kids are placed into three groups and go to their designated boats. Groups rotate every hour and twenty minutes between the three boats. Tubing will be the main activity on the ski and surf boats. On the pontoon, kids will eat, have a brief lesson, and enjoy free time swimming, jumping, diving, and more.

4pm-5pm: Reward time for kids who have earned behavior points

Potential rewards: Surfing, tubing, paddleboarding, etc.

For other campers: Free time on pontoon.

4:30 pm: Staff and volunteers start packing up and preparing to leave.

5pm-5:15pm: Kids are shuttled back to shore and head home in the same vehicles in which they arrived.


Volunteers We Need

Female: Minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 volunteers/day

Male: Minimum of 1 and maximum of 3 volunteers/day

June/July: Each week we need 2-8 women and 1-6 men.

August/September: One day a week we need 1-3 women and 1-3 men.

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Volunteer Requirements

Must pass background check (no cost to applicant).

Must complete volunteer application.

Must provide current copy of driver’s license.

Must be at least 16 years old.

Must wear appropriate Lake attire.

Swim shorts that come down to at least mid thigh.

UV protected rash guard shirt or any other water safe shirt.

Uniforms will be provided to all volunteers unless proper attire is already available.

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What To Expect

Fun in the sun

Encourage kids with positivity as they take on new and challenging activities.

Have fun participating in various watersports and activities with the kids.

If you’re interested, you can show up early and learn how to surf!

Help staff with simple tasks

Be a spotter for our drivers as our kids enjoy tubing and surfing.

Help with daily lessons on the pontoon boat.

Be a supervisor in the water as our kids play on the lily pads.



Fill out an application!


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