Become a tutor!

We’re always looking for passionate volunteers. Here’s some information to about our after school program for the 2019-20 tutoring year! 


Tutoring General Information

Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays (when school is in session)

Time: 3pm-6pm

Location: Available after passing a background check.

Though we prefer to have volunteers for the entire duration of each day, we understand that it’s hard for many people to make it by 3 pm. We have many volunteers who come from 4:30-6, and we welcome volunteers to show up whenever they can make it.


After School Itinerary

3 pm: We meet the elementary kids as they are returning from school.

3 pm–4:30 pm: We play! We try to get some energy out and have fun with the kids. For some, this means playing basketball, football, or other sports. Others may want to be at the playground or go to the library. We use this time to build relationships and trust that goes beyond just schoolwork.

4:25 pm: We round everyone up and head to the community center.

4:30 pm–4:50 pm: We eat! We provide a meal each day because we know that food isn’t a guarantee at home for many of the kids, and we know how hard it is to focus when hungry.

4:50 pm–6:00 pm: We learn! We tackle homework first, then we work through workbooks of math and reading to try and help build strong foundations for all of their education.

6:00 pm: We go home! (After we clean up, of course.)


Our Volunteer Needs

We see the best results when we have a 1:1 ratio of tutors and students. Given that we typically have between 15-25 kids on a normal day, we have plenty of need for regular tutors. Our needs often increase toward the end of a semester as college schedules get busier and the fall/winter holiday season keeps people busy.


Volunteer Requirements

Must complete volunteer application.

Must pass background check (no cost to applicant, though you’re welcome to contribute if you’d like).

Must be at least 14 years old.

Must be able to read and write English and do basic math. (Don’t worry, if you’ve graduated from high school, you’ll likely be fine. Most of our kids are in K-5th grade and are multiple grade levels behind in math and reading.)


What To Expect

From the Kids

They may be full of energy and have a hard time focusing.

They will want your undivided attention, even if you aren’t able to give it to them.

They will likely struggle with basic concepts, it is our job to keep them engaged and make it fun!

From Yourself

Come ready to be loved on, but also bring your patience.

Be ready to be uplifting and encouraging.

You may have to be stern at times. This isn’t a bad thing. Proper boundaries and consistency are good for development.

Be engaged. We try to keep phones away so the kids know we’re paying attention. Those texts, social media updates, or emails can probably wait.



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