Bringing hope to inner-city youth through watersports and education.


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Water Walkers is a watersports-based youth education and mentoring program in Nashville, TN. We aim to build confidence and community among kids who have little exposure to the world beyond the boundaries of the inner-city. By bringing kids outside these limitations and into the beauty of creation, we hope to open a sense of wonder, ambition, and inspiration in their lives.


While watersports are at the core of who we are, education is the majority of what we do. Our after school education program runs two days a week in the center of the community that we serve. Each child gets his/her own individualized curriculum, and our use of positive reinforcement, unique sports and adventure-based incentives, and nearly 1-to-1 attention keeps the kids engaged in learning and growing in confidence.

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Mentoring is another large component of what we do. A major factor in a child’s healthy development is having just one person in their lives who believes in them! This sounds very simple, but is something that many at-risk kids don't have! We work hard to build relationships with every child during our summer program to open the door to mentoring year-round. We want to be a positive presence to everyone we encounter and show every child that we believe in them and that they are loved.


We believe that change in a neighborhood comes from within, so our priority is to focus on one neighborhood at a time and reach as many kids as possible in that area. By concentrating our efforts in this way, we hope to see lasting impact as a neighborhood’s entire younger generation is changed, not just a few individuals. By providing an experience that is highly engaging and appealing to kids, we are in a position to truly change the future for the better.


Year-round Impact

To truly impact lives, it is our mission to stay connected to the students all year long. Throughout the school year, we are a regular part of the community and of the kids’ lives through our tutoring program. We also organize opportunities to play sports or be active, as well as offering reward outings such as trampoline parks, rock climbing, family fun centers, and other unique activities. These activities are not only loads of fun for the kids, but they also provide us more opportunities to mentor and provide a positive, active environment.

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