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Bringing hope to inner city youth through education and water sports

Water Walkers is a youth mentorship program based in Nashville, Tennessee serving at-risk kids ages 6-18. The program aims to build confidence and community among kids who have limited exposure to the world beyond the boundaries of governmental housing. By bringing kids outside these limitations and into the beauty of creation, Water Walkers exists to open a sense of wonder and inspiration in their lives.



Education is one of the largest needs in the community that we serve. While water sports is at the core of who we are, education is the majority of what we do. It is how we can have the largest impact in the lives of our kids! 

We run our after school program in the center of the very community that we serve. Each child gets their own individualized curriculum and personal help from our tutors as well as incentives for setting and completing goals.


Mentoring is another large component of what we do. A huge factor in a Childs development and whether they become happy, successful adults is having ONE person in their lives who believes in them! This sounds very simple, but is something that many at risk children and youth don't have! This is why the relationship building aspect of our summer program is crucial. We work hard to build relationships with EVERY child so the mentoring aspect of our program can stretch year round! We want to shine a positive light to everyone we encounter and show every child that we believe in them and that they are loved. Encouragement is our love language and consistency is the foundation of every relationship. 



It’s important to Water Walkers that we focus on one neighborhood at a time and have the ability to reach as many kids as possible. By concentrating our efforts, we hope to see significant positive change that remains steadfast throughout the years. By providing an experience that is highly engaging and appealing to the youth, Water Walkers is in a truely unique position to change lives for the better.


Year Round

Water Walkers isn't  just summer program intended to keep kids busy while they aren’t in school. To truly affect change, it is our mission to stay connected to the students throughout the entire year. In the off season, Water Walkers organizes basketball games and bike rides, as well as Saturday’s at Above All trampoline park, where the kids are invited to partake in many different unique activities. Here, we are able to continue the summer curriculum and mentorship and surround the kids in a positive active environment. Water Walkers also stays connected during the school year through its tutoring program. 

Beyond engaging activities and tutoring, Water Walkers has developed relationships with local organizations and churches who provide basic resources for families of the program.

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